Quality assurance

Our focus is on bringing you high quality products that have a reputation for being consistent batch after batch.

We also will consistently have new products available on our site. Because our customers are extension of us new brands we carry that customers purchase will include a survey on that product. This will help us maintain our quality assurance.

Steps we take to carry brands:

  1. Sample the products by taste and by cooks
  2. Reach out to trusted BBQ sources for their review of a product and/or company
  3. Review details a company provides on their product for proper catalog placement
  4. Verify recognition of awards for an individual product (not just the company) before listing the product on our site as award winning

The above steps and focus is how we maintain quality and ensure customers then have the option to pick from brands that meet our standards.

Featured Product

You can never go wrong with Riffs!

Riffs Smokehouse Sauce Sweet Child O Mine 16oz no msg gluten free