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Fellers Ranch- Tri Tip


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Fellers Ranch™ is your source for Minnesota’s Finest Wagyu Beef. Our cattle are grown right here in Freeborn County, MN.  We do not use commercial feedlots or corporate processing plants.

Fellers Ranch™ is a partnership between a third-generation family farmer, a 75 year-old-family-owned (USDA-inspected) meat processing facility, and several seasoned ranchers. Together, we have an exciting new vision. That vision is based on decades of raising cattle and hand carving the best Wagyu steaks.


Fellers Ranch™ all-natural Wagyu beef, grown locally by family farmers in south-central Minnesota. Our cattle are hormone and antibiotic-free, and nitrates are never added to our meat. Furthermore, animal by-products are never included in our cattle’s diet.

Our cattle are raised with the most modern, low-stress techniques, and they are given constant access to clean water, adequate space, fresh air, quality forage, and comforting shelter. We love our Wagyu, and so will you!


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